Death by an Orange Peel

As a kid, I loved watching 1000 Ways to Die. While it ended a long time ago, I still remember some of the deaths. Here are the five that I thought were the most ridiculous ways of dying shown in this series.

Kurt Gödel was a brilliant mathematician that died in a less than brilliant manner. Despite being a genius, he was mentally unstable and paranoid. Kurt died of starvation while his wife was being hospitalized because he refused to eat anything that wasn’t prepared by her since he was afraid of being poisoned. Ironically, it was his fear of poison rather than the actually poison that eventually killed him.

Edmund Ironside, a king of England in the 11th century, was assassinated while he was taking a dump. The assassin climbed up the sewers and waited for the king. When the king sat on the toilet, the assassin stabbed him from underneath. A toilet seat would be the last throne that Edmund Ironside ever sat on.

Oranges are not usually deadly, but they are what caused the death of Bobby Leach. He survived going over Niagara Falls in a barrel but couldn’t survive the orange’s attack. Bobby slipped on an orange peel and broke his leg. His leg became infected, and he died after the surgeon botched the amputation of that leg. Ouch!

Garry Hoy died after he threw himself off the 24th floor of a building. He wasn’t trying to commit suicide; he was actually trying to show how unbreakable the windows of the building were. Unfortunately, he proved that they were in fact breakable by falling to his death.

Hitoshi Nikaidoh was a doctor who unfortunately could not save his own life when he was decapitated by an elevator. His head was trapped between the doors of the elevator and was chopped off on its way to another floor. Nikaidoh’s career as doctor was finished since he could no longer use his head.

I sincerely hope that you don’t find yourself in any of these unfortunate situations.


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